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E(C)-shape Damping Bearing

E(C)-shape damping bearings effectively combine elastoplastic damper with the bearings, thus they can both have the functions of bearings and can achieve damping effect. They can absorb seismic energy through elastoplastic deformation of E-shape or C-shape steel so as to prevent destructive damage caused by earthquake and other natural disasters, especially for high seismic zones of eight degrees even more, the effect is particularly evident.  They can also significantly reduce construction cost and have long service life

They have been used in Italy, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Hong Kong and other countries since 1980.  Its application in Nanjing Jiajiang Bridge is the first case in China mainland.

E(C)-shape damping bearings have the following series: TJGZ-E,  TJGZ-C, TJGZ-GL-LX-PND, TJGZ-GL-LX-PNUD and TJGZ-GL-LX-C.



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